How to Modify Facebook Email Notification Settings

Recently Facebook has changed their default email notifications settings, so that most people will be getting fewer emails from Facebook. To view or change your email notification settings, visit Account / Account Settings, and click on Notifications in the left-hand menu. The new setting is called Email Frequency, and the default setting is now checked. When checked, you will only receive summary emails and those notifications Facebook deems as important. You can modify which individual actions result in an email being sent by scrolling down to “All Notifications” and editing the settings under Facebook, Photos, Groups, etc.

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  • Dave Cullen

    Thanks. This post was very helpful except that you neglected to say how to “visit Account / Account Settings”–which was my problem in the first place. I had searched all over for it, going through all the menus on the left, and “edit profile” and privacy settings, and doing a ctrl-f page search.

    Turns out there’s a little down-arrow on the top right of the page, next to your name and Home. Click that, and it gives options. It’s not even ID’d as anything. I hate the way Facebook hides this stuff.

  • Ali

    Hello I have all of mine “checked” to get emails for anything that happens and I have not gotten any! I want to know when someone post on my fan page, or askes me a question on a pic I have posted ..Whats going on I have not gotten an email from facebook for any notifications ..HELP

  • sally

    i dont have this setting, how do i tell facebook to give me that setting ?