Facebook Price Grid is a Hoax

Recent rumors of Facebook’s new price grid for membership are a hoax. Several of these untruths have been making the rounds lately. One says “THIS IS OFFICIAL… IT WAS EVEN ON THE NEWS… FACEBOOK WILL START CHARGING DUE TO THE NEW PROFILE CHANGES…” The other states “FACEBOOK JUST RELEASED THEIR PRICE GRID FOR MEMBERSHIP. $9.99 PER MONTH FOR GOLD MEMBER SERVICES, $6.99 PER MONTH FOR SILVER MEMBER SERVICES, $3.99 PER MONTH FOR BRONZE MEMBER SERVICES, FREE IF YOU COPY AND PASTE THIS MESSAGE BEFORE MIDNIGHT TONIGHT.” For one of many articles on why this is simply not true, read Ask Leo: Is Facebook Going to Start Charging?

It's free and always will be.

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  • Amanda

    I wonder when the educated Facebook users will stop liking those dumb pages. Why would Facebook charge us, come on people!