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How to Add Themes to Your Browser

by Barbara J. Feldman November 15, 2011

Both the Chrome and Firefox browsers have the ability to add themes, which are graphic add-ons that add header illustrations and a bit of personality to your browsing experience. For Chrome, Google has an official theme repository in the Chrome Web Store, although you can find themes at other sites as well. For Firefox, visit […]

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Is Your Browsing History Recoverable?

by Barbara J. Feldman August 9, 2011

A recent, high profile murder trial in Florida used search history to incriminate the plaintiff. Just how much of your history actually remains on your personal computer? Leo Notenboom, of, explains that unless you have spyware installed on your computer, your every keystroke is not being recorded. However, there is a fair amount of […]

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Incognito Browsing with Google Chrome

by Barbara J. Feldman January 5, 2011

Users of Google’s Chrome browser have one-click access to private browsing through use of the “incognito mode.” When operating incognito, Chrome will not save cookies, browsing history, passwords, form data, or download history. To switch to incognito mode, click the tools wench (in the upper right-hand corner) and select “New Incognito Window.” To learn more, […]

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Share Short Links with

by Barbara J. Feldman November 24, 2010

Do you love to share links with friends and family? The link-shortening service has just announced a new service that bundles a bunch of urls into one, short link. Link shorteners have been around for years, but with the growth of social media sites including Twitter and Facebook, they have become even more […]

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Have Fun Emptying Your Inbox

by Barbara J. Feldman September 29, 2010

Need a bit of inspiration (and fun) to help you reach the ultimate techie goal of an empty email inbox? 0Boxer is a browser-based game for Gmail users that turns clearing your inbox into a social competition, complete with badges for reaching certain milestones. Earn points for archiving, deleting and replying, and see how you […]

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How To Delete Incorrect URLs

by Barbara J. Feldman June 2, 2010

One of the conveniences of modern browsers is the URL suggestions that appear from your browser history as you type URLs into your address bar. But what if one of those historical URLs is incorrect? There is a way to delete a single URL without deleting all your history. In Firefox, it is simple. In […]

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