Campus Edition of Firefox

For the back-to-school season, Mozilla has created a Campus Edition of Firefox bundled with three pre-installed plugins aimed at students. FoxyTunes lets you control your music player within the browser. Zotero collects and manages research citations. StumbleUpon introduces you to …[Continue]

Browser Spell Check

Many browsers offer dynamic as-you-type spell check on any text you enter. In Firefox 2.0, misspellings are underlined in red, and right-clicking on them will pop-up suggestions. In Safari, dynamic spell checking can be activated by placing your cursor in …[Continue]

Optimizing Firefox

The free Firefox browser with tabbed browsing, and integrated Google search is my browser of choice because it is so extensible. To get a feel for what can be done with it, peruse Peter Butler’s ten favorite Firefox plugins in …[Continue]