File Extensions

The part of a computer filename that starts with a dot and is followed by three characters is called the extension. It usually tells your computer what kind of file it is, and what program is needed to open it. …[Continue]

Docx File Format

By default, Microsoft Office 2007 uses a new file format with the extension “.docx”. If you are trying to share files with users of older versions of Office, this can be a problem. Depending on whether you are the creator …[Continue]

Online File Conversion

Have you ever wanted to convert a file into a different format, but didn’t own the proper software? Zamzar is an online service that will convert files for free. It handles dozens of file conversions including documents, images, audio and …[Continue]

Portable Document Format

Portable Document Format (PDF) is an increasingly popular standard for e-books (and hundreds of other uses) because of how well it preserves formatting across many platforms. The most robust tool for creating PDFs is Adobe Acrobat (which starts at $299.) …[Continue]