Yuma Yuma

Gary “Yuma Yuma” Broslma, unintentional star of a homemade lip-sync music video that went viral last year is back with a new video and a new commercial website . If you’ve managed to avoid all the Yuma Yuma or YouTube …[Continue]

Audio Formats

Although your computer can play both MP3 CDs and audio CDs, most car and home CD players can not play compressed MP3 audio. If you want maximum compatibility, you need to specify “Audio CD” format when you burn your own …[Continue]

Photo CD Cover

Got photos? Got CDs? How about creating a cool CD cover from your own photos? This fun tool from Flagrant Disregard will create a personalized, printable page that integrates your photo and text into a CD or DVD cover that …[Continue]


What started as music trend, is now a popular Internet genre: a mashup is a mix of two (or more) tools to make a new one. For example, JackTracker is a Google Map that tracks the whereabouts of the television …[Continue]

Google Music

Google has added a new feature to its popular search engine called Google Music, which can be accessed by entering a musician’s name into any Google search box, or directly at http://www.google.com/musicsearch . If you start at the standard Google …[Continue]

iPod Video Formats

Apple’s fifth-generation video iPod supports three video formats: MPEG-4, H264, and M4V (the copy-protected format used for videos sold through iTunes.) To convert a your own videos to an iPod format, you can use QuickTime Pro,…[Continue]