BitTorrent is a peer-to-peer (P2P) software tool that distributes download bandwidth among those who are downloading. The problem with offering large files from your website is that a surge in traffic can crash your web server. BitTorrent rewards those that …[Continue]

Waterproof MP3 Players

With the advent of waterproof MP3 players, diehard music fans can take their tunes into the water. Solutions range from waterproof cases for existing players to players designed especially for underwater use. For even more choices, browse Froogle….[Continue]


Podcasting is distributing digital audio files for playback at a later time. It is a play on the words “broadcasting” and “iPod,” even though podcasting works on any music player, not just the Apple iPod. For more on podcasting, read …[Continue]

Lossey and Lossless

Digital audio formats are of two types: lossey and lossless . Lossey means that some of the original data is lost during compression. Resulting files are small, but some sound quality is sacrificed. MP3 is a lossey format. Lossless algorithms, …[Continue]

Music Networking Appliances

With the introduction of music networking appliances, digital music collections are moving beyond the home computer, onto the home stereo system. Here are just some of the products in this new category: Apple’s Airport Express for iPod owners, a variety …[Continue]

Digital Music Formats

Digital music is abuzz with new offerings that range from pay-per-download stores to monthly subscription sites. With all the activity, come a few new music formats. Both Windows Media Audio (WMA) and Advanced Audio Coding (AAC) include copy protection that …[Continue]

Cleaning CDs

When a CD doesn’t play correctly, try washing it gently with warm water and a squirt of liquid dish soap, and then drying it with a clean lint-free towel. This will remove finger prints, but not scratches. If this doesn’t …[Continue]