How to Moblog with Flickr

Mobile blogging (or moblogging) is blogging directly from a cellphone. For example, Flickr provides a unique email address that will simultaneously add photos to your Flickr stream and your personal blog. Blogs from ten major providers are supported, including WordPress, …[Continue]

How to Create Wall Murals

Rasterbator is a free service that creates huge mural-size images from any picture. Simply upload an image, and then download and print the resulting multi-page PDF. Re-assemble the pages and you will have an extremely cool looking poster that can …[Continue]

Replace a Person in a Photo

Replacing someone’s head in a digital photo can be just for laughs, or it can fix a group shot that would otherwise be ruined. The following Photoshop tutorials show you how: Replacing a Head: Photoshop Tutorial by Janee and Tutorials …[Continue]