How to Moblog with Flickr

Mobile blogging (or moblogging) is blogging directly from a cellphone. For example, Flickr provides a unique email address that will simultaneously add photos to your Flickr stream and your personal blog. Blogs from ten major providers are supported, including WordPress, …[Continue]

How to Create Wall Murals

Rasterbator is a free service that creates huge mural-size images from any picture. Simply upload an image, and then download and print the resulting multi-page PDF. Re-assemble the pages and you will have an extremely cool looking poster that can …[Continue]

Replace a Person in a Photo

Replacing someone’s head in a digital photo can be just for laughs, or it can fix a group shot that would otherwise be ruined. The following Photoshop tutorials show you how: Replacing a Head: Photoshop Tutorial by Janee and Tutorials …[Continue]

Cell Phone Camera Tips

Disappointed with photos you’ve snapped with your cell phone? Here are three pointers for improving them. Use the entire frame, don’t just focus on the center. Adjust the brightness level if the image on your display seems too dark or …[Continue]