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Safety and Parental Control

9 Ways Passwords Are Compromised

by Barbara J. Feldman November 3, 2010

Although strong passwords that are impossible to guess are an important part of online security, they are not the only precaution you need to take to keep your online identity secure. Leo Notenboom of Ask Leo lists nine ways your password could be compromised, even if it is very long, has lots of numbers and […]

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Beware of Free Public Wifi

by Barbara J. Feldman October 20, 2010

Just in time for Halloween, this week’s tip exposes a zombie network you may have seen in airports and hotel lobbies across the country: Free Public Wifi. There is actually nothing free, public or even Wifi about this network. It is a rouge, default network that is spread from computer to computer, thanks to an […]

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How Much Media Time Should I Allow My Child?

by Barbara J. Feldman April 9, 2010

Did you know that between the television, the computer and texting, young children are spending an average of 53 hours per week in front of a screen? This is an incredible amount of time. It is disturbing when you realize some of the problems that can occur because of the inactivity that results from large […]

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Removing or Changing Parental Controls on the Nintendo DSi

by Barbara J. Feldman April 9, 2010

The Nintendo DSi is equipped with optional Parental Controls which allow parents to decide what information their children can share with other people. While the Nintendo DSi can provide hours of fun for your children, many parents are making use the parental control settings. These controls can provide you with peace of mind as you’re […]

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iPhone Parental Controls:What They Are and How to Use Them

by Barbara J. Feldman April 8, 2010

Having an iPhone typically opens a whole world to the user. With 1000s of applications available, there is something for every person, interest and taste. More and more pre-teens and teens are becoming iPhone owners, which has led many parents to question which parental controls they should put in place. Many iPhone applications are not […]

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How to Set Parental Controls on the iPhone

by Barbara J. Feldman April 6, 2010

Everybody who owns an iPhone seems to love it. They are one of the newest, most exciting gadgets on the market and they are a hot item. Kids and adults alike love the Apple iPhone with its numerous applications. You can find something to suit every age and interest as there are more then 1, […]

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