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How to Use RSS Autodiscovery

by Barbara J. Feldman December 9, 2008

If you are using a modern browser such as Firefox 2.0, Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0, or Safari you might have noticed an orange (or blue) RSS icon in the upper right-hand corner of many websites, such as my Jokes By Kidssite. If the site owner has added the appropriate RSS autodiscovery code to their site, […]

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Interactive Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall

by Barbara J. Feldman May 20, 2008, a social-networking genealogy and history site, recently released an interactive version of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall . You can search for a particular solider, or view the annotated, clickable wall by browsing. Registered users (a basic account is free) can add photos, comments, and story pages to any solider on the Wall.

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Free Mobile Search

by Barbara J. Feldman May 7, 2008

Ever need a question answered when you are away from your computer, and only have a cell phone? ChaCha is a free mobile search service that responds to queries asked via telephone or send as a text message (SMS). To ask a question, either call 1-800-2ChaCha or text your question to 242242 (C-H-A-C-H-A on your […]

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How to Add RSS Feed Content to Your Website

by Barbara J. Feldman March 7, 2008

In addition to being a handy way to keep up with updates from your favorite sites, RSS feeds also can also be added to your own website as source of fresh content. There are a variety of free tools that enable webmasters to publish third-party feeds. My favorite is Carp but it requires a bit […]

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Google’s Street View an Invasion of Privacy?

by Barbara J. Feldman June 5, 2007

Google’s Street View is now live at Google Maps for five cities (San Francisco, New York, Las Vegas, Denver and Miami) with more cities coming soon. Street View is a 360-degree street-level photograph that has some people upset about privacy concerns. Here, for example, is a view of a San Francisco restaurant I dined at […]

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Yahoo! Pipes

by Barbara J. Feldman May 10, 2007

If you are comfortable with RSS feeds, then you are technical enough to use Yahoo! Pipes to create a new web service. Yahoo! Pipes is an exciting feed aggregator that gives non-programmers a way to create data mashups: merging web content from a variety of sources to create a unique output. This is the sort […]

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