Google: Shakespeare

In conjunction with its sponsorship of New York’s Shakespeare in the Park summer festival, Google has just released Google: Shakespeare . Use it to search for familiar Shakespeare quotes (“Out, damned spot! Out, I say!”) or to read entire works …[Continue]

Finding Short Answers

When you are looking for a single fact or an answer to a simple problem, here are three sites to search in addition to the usual Google and Yahoo. delivers definitions and explanations on over one million topics. …[Continue]

Online Spell Checks

I often use Google to check the spelling of a single word. If it is a recognized word, a definition link will display in the upper right-hand corner. For spell checking paragraphs or longer documents when you do not have …[Continue]

What makes news newsworthy? Is popularity a factor? is a tech news website were visitors (free registration required) vote on the importance of stories. Stories will a lot of votes, naturally float to the top of the page. Although …[Continue]

Free Educational Audio

Free audiobooks, podcasts and other educational audio content is popping up everywhere. LearnOutLoud has a directory of over 500 free educational audio and video titles. iTunes has a growing collection of free podcasts. And my local public library has a …[Continue]

Guess-the-Google Game

Google Image Search returns dozens of pictures based on a keyword word or phrase. Now turn this idea upside down, and imagine trying to guess the keyword based on the images! That’s the premise of Grant Robinson’s addictive Guess-the-Google game. …[Continue]