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What Are Spyware Blockers?

by Barbara J. Feldman December 10, 2009

Spyware is a type of software that can be installed onto virtually anyone’s computer system without them knowing it’s even there. Most spyware is generally harmless as it is used for advertising purposes, much like adware. There are, however, some types of spyware that can be potentially dangerous to computer and Internet users as it […]

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How the Megan Meier Suicide Affected Other MySpace Users

by Barbara J. Feldman July 23, 2008

MySpace is one of many social networking web sites on the Internet today that over seventy million people use. Social networking websites such as MySpace and Facebook have made it so that people all over the world can find friends and family members as well as join different groups with many different people. The tragedy […]

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A Brief Look at the Effects of the Megan Meier MySpace Suicide

by Barbara J. Feldman July 23, 2008

Many people have been weighing the pros and cons about social networking ever since the Megan Meier hoax on MySpace in 2006. MySpace has faced some serious scrutiny as to safety measures that need to be taken in order for this type of thing not to happen. The Megan Meier hoax has affected all sorts […]

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