Computer Safety Tips

Computer safety is something that almost everyone is concerned about because of the amazing popularity and convenience of owning a computer. Of course there are some households that do not have computers, but it is safe to say that households …[Continue]

E-Card Safety

What are e-cards? E-cards, the shortened version of electronic greeting cards, are a popular way for people to send birthday, Thinking of You, Thank You, holiday, and other wishes. Most e-cards are free, so they are convenient and fun to …[Continue]

E-Card Spam

In recent months, e-card spam infected with a virulent computer worm has increased. How do you tell the difference between a valid e-card and a virus? Never open a greeting card sent from an unnamed friend, neighbor, classmate, schoolmate, partner …[Continue]

Beware of Malware!

The rise of computer technology has created a completely new computer culture. This culture comes complete with its own language, rituals, and villains. Yep, the bad guys started using the computer for criminal activity just as soon as the computers …[Continue]