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The Evolution of Cybercrime in Growing Children

by Barbara J. Feldman February 24, 2009

Children are a lot smarter than we always give them credit for. This is especially true when it comes to technological issues. Few could argue that they know more about the Internet, computers or cell phones, than their children do. Changing times have called for an increased awareness in how your kids’ extensive knowledge of […]

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High School Cybercrimes

by Barbara J. Feldman February 23, 2009

As you may have guessed, cybercrimes are much more prevalent for older children. High school aged kids are more involved in Internet social networks and are less supervised by their parents, these two factors alone open up the possibility for cybercrimes. In a study done by the Rochester Institute of Technology, it was found that […]

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What Is A Firewall And Why Is It Important?

by Barbara J. Feldman September 25, 2007

An Internet firewall is a device that is designed to protect your computer from data and viruses that you do not want. A firewall is so called because of the real firewalls used to secure buildings. A physical firewall is a set of doors that closes in a building so as to contain a fire […]

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Rules For Safe Online “Chatting”

by Barbara J. Feldman August 28, 2007

Online predators are becoming more cunning and developing more tricks in order to take advantage of innocent people. The only defense that you have against such predators is to keep your identity safe while you are online. Keeping your identity safe when online will not only help you to avoid financial fraud, but you can […]

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What Teens Need To Know About Internet Safety

by Barbara J. Feldman July 28, 2007

Young people are generally innocent, free spirited and trusting of others. Children do not assume the worst of people like adults often do. Whether or not you think naivete is a good thing or not, it is important to take measures to secure the safety of our children. If you are a teen concerned about […]

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Need to Know: Internet Safety in the Classroom

by Barbara J. Feldman July 11, 2007

Internet safety is a concern that many parents have. Children are becoming victims of exploitation, and deceptive predators are gaining their trust. Internet safety is difficult enough to manage at home. But tackling this issue in our schools may be even more difficult. It is interesting to note that based on a 2005-2006 study, 93% […]

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