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Computer Safety Tips

by Barbara J. Feldman February 12, 2008

Computer safety is something that almost everyone is concerned about because of the amazing popularity and convenience of owning a computer. Of course there are some households that do not have computers, but it is safe to say that households like these are in the minority. If you have a computer, there are some safety […]

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Web Search Safety

by Barbara J. Feldman August 29, 2007

Introduction Many parents and families are concerned about what will be found on their home computer when family members are using the Internet. There are many wonderful resources and places to find useful and helpful information, but there are also sites that should be avoided. Knowing how to avoid the wrong kinds of sites while […]

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Where To Find Reliable Blocks And Filters

by Barbara J. Feldman July 25, 2007

How do you set up blocks and filters to help reduce stranger danger online? Setting up blocks and filters is a great way to help protect your child from dangers on the Internet. Here are some simple steps to set these up, and other tips for protecting your child while they use the Internet. Step […]

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