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Google Announces WebP

by Barbara J. Feldman October 13, 2010

WebP (pronounced “weppy”) is a new open-source image format, designed by Google, that uses a compression algorithm that produces smaller files than currently popular formats such as JPG and PNG. And smaller image files mean faster loading web pages. Hooray! In order for WebP to take off, however, browsers and graphics software would have to […]

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Are You Insync?

by Barbara J. Feldman September 22, 2010

Similar to Dropbox, Insync creates an always-in-sync folder that copies files to and from the cloud. But Insync also syncs Google Docs and Gmail contacts to your local machine. With 1 GB of free cloud storage, Insync is free for individuals and businesses with fewer than six users. Insync works with both Windows and Mac […]

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Get Reading with GoogleBooks

by Barbara J. Feldman August 25, 2010

Have you discovered the free ebooks and magazine available at Google Books yet? Although their My Library interface is functional, now there’s a graphical interface for Windows desktop that’s much more visual, and a lot more fun to use. GooReader is free application for searching, downloading and reading Google Books. A premium version is available […]

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Get Answers with Aardvark

by Barbara J. Feldman August 18, 2010

Aardvark is a crowdsourcing platform for asking and answering questions, that was recently acquired by Google. When a question is received, Aardvark finds the perfect person to answer it by looking through your social connections, and others who have a knowledge of or an interest in the topic you’ve asked about. Although you can ask […]

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Increase Browsing Security With New Firefox Plugin

by Barbara J. Feldman July 7, 2010

Many sites that support secure transmission via HTTPS, still don’t offer encryption as a default, or sometimes they combine pages with both secure and insecure items. HTTPS Everywhere, a new Firefox plugin, makes it easier for Firefox users to always use the secure version of a number of popular sites. This is useful for those […]

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New Features Available for Gmail Users

by Barbara J. Feldman March 17, 2010

Last week Google released a number of new Gmail features to the public, taking them out of Gmail Labs, which is a beta or testing platform. These include message color coding, search autocomplete, forgotten attachment detector, YouTube previews, and vacation away messages. At the same time, some test lab features were killed. To learn more, […]

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