Google Announces WebP

WebP (pronounced “weppy”) is a new open-source image format, designed by Google, that uses a compression algorithm that produces smaller files than currently popular formats such as JPG and PNG. And smaller image files mean faster loading web pages. Hooray! …[Continue]

Are You Insync?

Similar to Dropbox, Insync creates an always-in-sync folder that copies files to and from the cloud. But Insync also syncs Google Docs and Gmail contacts to your local machine. With 1 GB of free cloud storage, Insync is free for …[Continue]

Get Answers with Aardvark

Aardvark is a crowdsourcing platform for asking and answering questions, that was recently acquired by Google. When a question is received, Aardvark finds the perfect person to answer it by looking through your social connections, and others who have a …[Continue]