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Joining Facebook Groups: It’s as Simple as 1-2-3

Facebook groups are a fun way to share your opinions on subjects that interest you, get together for fun activities and take a political stand among other things. Joining a Facebook group is very simple. Just follow the steps below:1. Choose a subject that interests you. There are thousands of groups on Facebook and most of them are open to anyone who wants to join them. There … [Read more...]

How to Join Facebook Groups

Facebook allows users to create groups relating to just about any subject. They are a great way to help you express your interests, connect with people with similar interests and get updates on items, causes or activities of interest to you. If you want to join a Facebook group, joining one is simple. The following is an overview of how to join a Facebook group:1. Decide what … [Read more...]

Spyware 101: What It Is, Why It’s Harmful and How To Rid Your Computer of It

Spyware may be found on the computers of anyone who accesses the internet with any frequency and, while most spyware programs are relatively harmless, some of them can cause major damage to your system, including crashing hard drive, rendering your computer inoperable. If you have never had an encounter with spyware, let this article serve as a primer regarding what spyware … [Read more...]

How to Hide Friends on MySpace

MySpace has become one of, if not the most popular place for teens and tweens to socialize these days. Forget about going to the mall or hanging out at the ice cream parlor. MySpace has its users addicted. There are millions of teenagers (among others) that use MySpace daily and have learned the tricks of the trade. The scariest part about MySpace is that kids are learning … [Read more...]

How To Install An Internet Firewall

IntroductionInstalling a firewall on your computer is like putting locks on the door to your house. By doing so you are protecting yourself from people who may want to look through your personal belongings and even steal some of your information. A firewall may not protect your from burglars, but it will give you protection from unwanted intrusions from the Internet into your … [Read more...]

Online Stranger Danger: How To Avoid It

Online stranger danger: here is how to avoid it. There are a several problems that can arise with children and teens accessing the Internet. The dangers that are online appear out of nowhere, and are masked with deception and lies. So how do you protect your family from online stranger danger? Here is how!Start by being aware of what is out there. Learn as much as you can about … [Read more...]

Where To Find Reliable Blocks And Filters

How do you set up blocks and filters to help reduce stranger danger online? Setting up blocks and filters is a great way to help protect your child from dangers on the Internet. Here are some simple steps to set these up, and other tips for protecting your child while they use the Internet.Step #1Find out what Internet blocker or filter you want to use. There are several … [Read more...]

Protect Your Child From Online Stranger Danger

Here is how to make your child more aware of online stranger danger! With so many young people and teens hitting the Internet these days, it is imperative to our children's safety that they understand what stranger danger is, and what they need to do to be protected.This includes children as young as toddlers who are playing online games. There are even online games that have … [Read more...]