Tips For Increasing Internet Filtering Effectiveness

As parents become increasingly aware of the dangers children may encounter while surfing the internet, they sometimes worry that relying on one method of internet filtering may not be sufficient to protect their children from online threats. From pornographic sites to online predators, children are bombarded with information far beyond their years every time they log on. … [Read more...]

Tips For Loading and Using Internet Filtering

As the world continues to become more technologically dependent, kids are spending more and more time surfing the Web. While there hundreds of free educational sites that teach children about the world around them, there are just as many dangerous websites whose content could hurt children. Although parents are becoming more aware of these dangers, some may feel they are not … [Read more...]

Tips For Internet Filter Installation

Every parent wants to keep their children safe while they are using the internet; however, this can seem like an overwhelming job since there are so many harmful, inappropriate sites on the internet to which children may have access. One of the many ways to protect children from online dangers is by using an internet filter.There are many different internet filters available; … [Read more...]

Best User-Friendly Internet Filtering Options

In home internet access is no longer a luxury; in this age of 24-hour news cycles, constant communication, information overload and ever-changing events, internet availability in the home has become a near necessity. Having internet access at home helps kids keep up with school projects, homework, and most importantly, friends. However, with the good comes the bad, including … [Read more...]

Common Internet Addictions For Teens

Teenagers are going on-line looking for information, entertainment and friendships. If you have a teenager you know there are many dangers for them that could harm them. Just like drugs and alcohol your teenager can also develop Internet addictions. These Internet addictions can be anything to do with the Internet. Your teenager could be addicted to the Internet itself, chat … [Read more...]

Tips For Parents For Smart Online Gaming

One thing that many of us parents forget is that with online gaming there are numerous ways that our children are at risk. In order to make sure that our children are being smart about online gaming, our best bet is to make sure that they are educated about the dangers online. Basically what this means is that you need to talk to your child about how dangerous it is to give out … [Read more...]

Child Internet Safety Software Review

Online security is a growing problem and a growing concern for many families. We use the Internet every day but need to make sure that our loved ones are protected from others who would want to do us harm and take advantage of us while we are on the Internet. There are many things to consider while choosing how best to protect ourselves. One of the most important aspects of … [Read more...]

Twitter Wants to Know What You Are Doing

"What are you doing?" Twitter is a micro-blogging social networking site that asks that one question, and gives you 140 characters to broadcast an answer to all your friends, family and co-workers. Intrigued by the possibilities? Here are a few guides to get you started: MasterNewMedia's Twitter - A Beginner's Guide , Caroline Middlebrook's Big Juicy Twitter Guide, and Rafe … [Read more...]