Swapping Books Online

Avid readers have long swapped books with friends. Now, with online book-swapping sites acting as middlemen, we can trade books with complete strangers. Although the basic concept is the same, each of the following sites handles the mechanics of postage …[Continue]

Free Educational Audio

Free audiobooks, podcasts and other educational audio content is popping up everywhere. LearnOutLoud has a directory of over 500 free educational audio and video titles. iTunes has a growing collection of free podcasts. And my local public library has a …[Continue]

Google Scholar Library Links

Most school and public libraries pay for a variety of premium databases that can be accessed by patrons. Now you can configure Google Scholar to highlight articles that are available through your particular library by setting your Scholar Preferences. Read …[Continue]

Free Computer Books

Computer books can be expensive, but if you know where to look, you can (legally) download some tech books for free. Here are three resources: Tech Books for Free , O’Reilly Open Books Project, and Bruce Perens’ Open Source Series….[Continue]

Subscription Websites

More and more of the best content on the Internet is only available by subscription, but did you realize that many schools and public libraries purchase subscriptions for their community’s use? These subscription sites are generally available over the Internet …[Continue]