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Understanding Social Mapping

by Barbara J. Feldman April 24, 2010

Social mapping is fairly common these days. It’s something you should be paying more attention to as social mapping is complex and there’s a lot you need to know to fully understand what it is and how it affects you. Here are some things you can do to better understand social mapping and how it […]

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Keeping Your Kids Safe From Social Mapping

by Barbara J. Feldman April 20, 2010

Children play an important role in our society and within their families so protecting them and keeping them safe should be priority one for parents. This is more difficult today than it used to be only a few decades ago because we’re living in a fast-paced, digital world. This is especially true when it comes […]

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Being Smart About Social Mapping

by Barbara J. Feldman April 14, 2010

Social mapping is either affecting you right now or will be sometime in the near future. While you may not understand what it is or how it affects you, you’ll learn more about it as it becomes better known. Social mapping refers to the concept of building a digital fingerprint and profile of you in […]

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Is It OK to Let Your Children Multitask?

by Barbara J. Feldman April 9, 2010

Today’s parents are often awe struck as they watch their children study surrounded by their computer, iPod and gaming system. It is not uncommon to see kids as young as 9 or 10 doing homework while logged onto their computer and answering Instant Messaging, as they listen to music on their iPod or MP3 player. […]

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Help Your Kids Deal with Media Multitasking

by Barbara J. Feldman April 7, 2010

One of the biggest obstacles facing many kids, is the stress associated with media multitasking. Today’s kids feel that they must be on their computer, texting, listening to music and doing homework all at the same time. Educational experts agree that this can lead to poor learning and, even worse, an overload of stress on […]

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Ways to Help Kids Avoid Media Overload

by Barbara J. Feldman March 19, 2010

Media multitasking, the term coined to describe what’s going on when someone, in this case your child, is surfing the internet, texting and answering instant messages, or IM’s, while simultaneously doing homework, is a relatively new term for parents. This new phenomenon is a hallmark for this generation of kids who are more technologically savvy […]

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