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Why Block Spyware?

by Barbara J. Feldman December 12, 2009

Spyware has become a dangerous part of the online world; a software that is downloaded onto your computer to track your habits and activities without your knowledge. So what’s the harm in that? What’s so dangerous about spyware? This article will show you some of the most important reasons why you should block spyware. Why […]

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Spyware Blockers 101

by Barbara J. Feldman December 8, 2009

Spyware is becoming worse and is finding its way onto computer operating systems without the knowledge of the user more regularly. And although you may have placed a spyware blocker on your computer a couple of months ago it may no longer be effective at finding and destroying the new types of spyware out there. […]

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Using Software to Supervise Your Child Online

by Barbara J. Feldman May 11, 2009

Some people may argue that spying on children online is not a good way to promote a healthy parent and child relationship, especially when it comes to trust. While this may be somewhat true, most parents believe that they have the responsibility to keep their children safe. Since children spend a lot of time online, […]

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What is Facebook Doing to Protect Children from Sexual Predators?

by Barbara J. Feldman July 23, 2008

Facebook has become the second largest social networking web site in the world. Adults and children all over the world have access to finding friends and family they haven’t been in touch with for ages. And not only that, they also have access to groups, and many other networking pages that can prove to be […]

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A Look at the Safety Deal Reached by Facebook

by Barbara J. Feldman July 22, 2008

The Internet is used by millions of people all over the world. Recently it has come to the attention of a few of the mostly widely used networks that their safety measures are not up to par. More and more children are being found on networking websites by sexual predators without parents knowing and without […]

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Use Your Computer: Computer Ergonomics

by Barbara J. Feldman February 24, 2008

Most people spend a good part of the day on the computer. Whether it’s an hour or two here and then to surf the web or play games, or whether it’s a full eight hours on the computer at work, spending time in front of the computer is a way of life for many people. […]

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