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Answers from Real People

by Barbara J. Feldman October 3, 2006

Getting questions answered by real people frequently beats out trying to find the answer on the Internet yourself. Not to be outdone by their competitors, you can now get people to answer questions at all three big search engines: Google Answers, MSN’s LiveQnA , and Yahoo Answers .

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1-Click Answers

by Barbara J. Feldman July 25, 2006

Finding answers to simple questions (“Where is Basle?”) is pretty easy if you are in a browser. For those time when you not, 1-Click Answers is a free tool from that provides short pop-up answers in any computer application, such as a word processor or PDF document. The small answer screen will not interrupt […]

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Google: Shakespeare

by Barbara J. Feldman June 22, 2006

In conjunction with its sponsorship of New York’s Shakespeare in the Park summer festival, Google has just released Google: Shakespeare . Use it to search for familiar Shakespeare quotes (“Out, damned spot! Out, I say!”) or to read entire works online. His works are organized by genre and title, and searchable (using Advanced Book Search) […]

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Finding Short Answers

by Barbara J. Feldman February 14, 2006

When you are looking for a single fact or an answer to a simple problem, here are three sites to search in addition to the usual Google and Yahoo. delivers definitions and explanations on over one million topics. Search Inside the Book delivers millions of pages from print books. And Wikipedia which is […]

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Online Spell Checks

by Barbara J. Feldman January 24, 2006

I often use Google to check the spelling of a single word. If it is a recognized word, a definition link will display in the upper right-hand corner. For spell checking paragraphs or longer documents when you do not have access to a modern word processing, there are several sites that provide free online spell […]

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by Barbara J. Feldman January 3, 2006

What makes news newsworthy? Is popularity a factor? is a tech news website were visitors (free registration required) vote on the importance of stories. Stories will a lot of votes, naturally float to the top of the page. Although Digg focuses on technology, they also run stories on movies, music, gaming and science.

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