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How to Build a Web Site

by Barbara J. Feldman July 14, 2010

While there still may not be such a thing as a free lunch, Oakworth Business Publishing does offer a free ebook about how to build a web site. The 300-page downloadable PDF covers basics such as registering a domain name and procuring a web host, as well as more advanced subjects such as building a […]

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Five Great Screencasting Tools

by Barbara J. Feldman November 24, 2009

A screencast is a video of a computer screen, and can be a useful tool for demonstrating software, teaching or training. I’ve used Camtasia for years, but it is expensive. I’ve also heard great things about Jing, which is available in both a free and a pro version. To learn more, Lifehacker Jason Fitzpatrick lists […]

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How to Edit a Wikipedia Entry

by Barbara J. Feldman September 22, 2009

Wikipedia is a collaboratively-edited encyclopedia, but only a small percentage of visitors ever contribute by editing an article. To learn how, start with this overview from Gina Trapani or the official Wikipedia Tutorial And if you think that the tutorial itself needs improvement, feel free to jump in and add your own two cents.

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Free Font Utilities

by Barbara J. Feldman March 31, 2009

Although both Windows and Mac have built-in font viewers, there are quite a few utilities that do a better job, many of them free. I like Font Picker, a free download that runs on Adobe Air for both Mac and Windows. For more typography tools, read Lifehacker .

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How to Use RSS Autodiscovery

by Barbara J. Feldman December 9, 2008

If you are using a modern browser such as Firefox 2.0, Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0, or Safari you might have noticed an orange (or blue) RSS icon in the upper right-hand corner of many websites, such as my Jokes By Kidssite. If the site owner has added the appropriate RSS autodiscovery code to their site, […]

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How to Build a Personlized Homepage

by Barbara J. Feldman December 1, 2008

If you’ve never created a personalized homepage, or custom start-up page for your browser, there are a lot to choose from. My personal favorite is iGoogle but Pageflakes looks interesting too. A custom homepages is a place to gather all the news, feeds, email, gadgets, widgets and apps that are important to you, to give […]

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