The Need for IE Content Advisor

Have you heard of the IE content advisor? You may be wondering why you even need the IE content advisor if you already have high internet security settings. Well, the IE Content Advisor does much more then the security settings, it blocks any website that have any type of vulgarity. You are in charge of choosing the settings so you can decide if some of the sites out there are … [Read more...]

How to Use IE Content Advisor

To help parents address their online safety concerns, IE developed the Content Advisor. The IE content advisor allows you to control which sites your children and other computer users can visit so you can keep unwanted websites far away from your computer. With the IE content advisor, you can block a number of things like nudity, language, violence, and sex. Once IE content … [Read more...]

How to Remove the Content Advisor Password

Did you enable the IE content advisor as a way to keep your family safe and protected? While the IE content advisor will help prevent vulgar websites from appearing on your system, it may also block some of your regular websites. This can block you from getting the information you need for research papers, work, school, and many other things. If you have tried lowering the IE … [Read more...]

Best Spyware Removal Programs

Millions of people all over the world have at least twenty eight different types of spyware infecting their PC's. While most of these items are harmless and don't pose much of a security risk, there are a number of type of spyware out there today that will do dangerous and malicious things to your computer, such as stealing your user names and passwords.Here is a list of the … [Read more...]

Steps for Hiding Friends on MySpace

Social networking has become one of the most popular ways for teens, college students, and even parents to find old and new friends. And while most that use social networking sites like Facebook or MySpace are innocent and obey the rules of engagement, there are some users that abuse the system and are a danger to your kids. If you have a child or teen that has a profile on … [Read more...]

Protecting Your Children From Being Victims from Social Networking Hoaxes

Social networking has become one of the most popular ways to find friends, family, and form new relationships with people all over the world. You can use social networks to write journal entries, post pictures for family and friends to see, and join social network groups with millions around the country. There is a growing concern from parents however, on how to protect your … [Read more...]

Wireless Security for Your Home Network

Having a wireless setup is definitely advantageous in many ways and undoubtedly convenient. With a wireless home network you are allowed the flexibility and freedom of movement and from cord clutter that before may have been an issue for you. Unfortunately, as with many new innovations, having a wireless connection carries with it unique risks, and you will need to take … [Read more...]

Wireless Security 101 For Home Networks

If you are new to the wireless world or you have been receiving wireless service for some time now and are concerned about the security that you have, you are not alone. More and more Internet users are realizing just what they have at stake when they do not take the precautionary measures needed to ensure that their information and computer system integrity remain protected. … [Read more...]