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Keeping Track of Your Facebook News Feed

by Barbara J. Feldman March 13, 2010

Facebook is a great social networking site that allows millions of people all over the world to connect in real time and to interact with each other in great new ways. It has opened many doors for people to create new relationships and to renew old ones while maintaining current friendships. The site offers many […]

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Cybercrimes in Middle School

by Barbara J. Feldman February 22, 2009

Junior high school aged children are at a particularly sensitive point in life where puberty is beginning, emotions are running wild, physical changes are taking place, school curriculum is becoming more challenging and much more. On top of all the stresses and pressures of simply being this age, are the added challenges that socializing on […]

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Good Sense, Caution and Guidelines For Online Chatting

by Barbara J. Feldman August 28, 2007

The importance of keeping safety in mind while chatting is equally important for children and adults. As an adult, you cannot expect to be able to “be smarter” than a predator or have the perfect “intuition” to simply know when you are and when you are not chatting with a person who is safe. Chat […]

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