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What is the Facebook Wall?

by Barbara J. Feldman March 16, 2010

Almost everyone has heard of or used Facebook these days and the site continues to grow in popularity and usage. There are so many great things about Facebook that allow you to communicate and connect with friends and family. One of the most important features of Facebook is called the Facebook Wall. Here is some […]

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Your Kids and the Online Safety Checklist

by Barbara J. Feldman December 8, 2009

The Internet is a terrific invention that allows for hours upon hours of enjoyment for children. They can use the Internet to play games, research homework, get homework help, and talk to their friends online. But just because they can easily navigate the Internet doesn’t mean they know how to keep themselves safe. Just as […]

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Keeping Your Home Network Safe and Secure

by Barbara J. Feldman January 7, 2008

With so much talk of identity theft, hackers and scammers it is hard to do anything on your computer without wondering who could possibly be looking over your shoulder. With so much of our business being conducted over the Internet, more is at stake than ever before. It is up to you to do all […]

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How to Have a Secure Wireless Network in Your Home

by Barbara J. Feldman December 29, 2007

Introduction Most of the hardware that you can purchase for securing the wireless network in your home is easy enough to install. You simply plug it or upload it into your computer. However, configuring the security features of your wireless router or point of access is also an important step to remember. Instructions If you […]

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Safety Tips For Online Christmas Shopping

by Barbara J. Feldman November 15, 2007

Shopping online for holiday gifts is both easy and exciting. You can find all kinds of unique gifts on the Internet that you simply would not be able to find at your local stores. There are also many deals to be had when you shop online. Not to mention the added convenience of being able […]

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Top Five Rules For Safe Online Chatting

by Barbara J. Feldman August 28, 2007

Online chatting stops being fun when someone gets hurt. Online predators are becoming more skilled and learning new tricks that they are then using against people like you and I. Although it is not the majority of online chatters who are targeted by a predator, it is nonetheless important to exercise caution to ensure that […]

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