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Learning About Club Penguin

by Barbara J. Feldman November 25, 2009

Since 2005, Club Penguin has been wowing audiences in a MMOG (massive multiplayer online game) universe. It combines the best of many worlds, online social networking, gaming, and a safe environment to do it in. Club Penguin is owned by the Walt Disney Company, giving many users a reason to trust in its ability to […]

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Protecting Your Children From Internet Addictions

by Barbara J. Feldman February 19, 2008

Children start using the Internet early in life, even pre-schoolers are going online. Many parents worry about the time their children spend online and if they can become addicted. Parents are wondering how much they should monitor their children’s Internet use and when they should intervene. Not only can children be in danger of predators […]

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Exceptions To Your House Rules For Internet Usage

by Barbara J. Feldman February 16, 2008

Should there be exceptions to your house rules for Internet usage? This is something that you need to think about and decide if some exceptions would work for you and your family. There are some reasons you might need some exceptions to the rules and sometimes where the rules may not be enough. As you […]

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Learning To Recognize Internet Addictions In Your Family

by Barbara J. Feldman February 12, 2008

With the Internet becoming so wildly popular there are some problems that are gaining attention. Internet addictions are being researched and studied more. There are many opportunities for addictions on the Internet. People use the Internet for finding information, entertainment and relationships. With over half the world’s population on the Internet your chances will increase […]

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