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Free Twitter Analytics for Everyone!

Thumbnail image for Free Twitter Analytics for Everyone! by Barbara J. Feldman August 29, 2014

Once only offered to advertisers, marketers, and verified users, now all Twitter users have access to free analytics to view how many people their tweets reached, and how much engagement they generated. To see your Twitter analytics, just visit Absolutely thrilled to open up access to to EVERYONE. Check it out, and let […]

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How to Make a Trustworthy Tweet

by Barbara J. Feldman April 17, 2012

According to a recent study by Microsoft and Carnegie-Mellon University, a tweet is deemed as more trustworthy when it is retweet by someone you trust, or it contains a URL that you clicked through to. Some of the things that make a tweet untrustworthy are authors with the default Twitter user image, and poor grammar […]

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Twitter Offers Secure Login

by Barbara J. Feldman March 23, 2011

Now that Facebook offers a secure connection to keep your data away from prying eyes when you are on a shared connection, such as the WiFi at your local favorite coffee stop, Twitter has one too. To turn it on, log into your account, and click on your name in the upper-right hand corner. […]

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Increase Browsing Security With New Firefox Plugin

by Barbara J. Feldman July 7, 2010

Many sites that support secure transmission via HTTPS, still don’t offer encryption as a default, or sometimes they combine pages with both secure and insecure items. HTTPS Everywhere, a new Firefox plugin, makes it easier for Firefox users to always use the secure version of a number of popular sites. This is useful for those […]

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