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Video Game Ratings and What They Mean

Kids love video games, and as a parent, it can be difficult to know what games are going to be appropriate for your child to play. Like movies, video games have ratings. However, the ratings are not as well known as those used for movies. Thus, as a parent it is your responsibility to learn the ratings, what they mean, and which are the most suitable for your child. Here is a … [Read more...]

Most Common Video Game Ratings

Like movies, video games are given ratings that assess the appropriateness of their content for different age levels. The ratings they are given indicate the age range that would find interest in the game, as well as whether or not it is appropriate. In some cases, a game may contain content that is too strong, or graphic for a younger age.Here is a tool to look up ratings. An … [Read more...]

Your Guide to Video Game Ratings

There are so many different gaming systems out there, with old school games, and new, digital masterpieces that are sure to shock and awe the player. As a parent you are faced with the choice of which system, X-box or PS3? And, more importantly which games to choose? There are games that are fighting games, there are mission games, there are brain games. More important than the … [Read more...]