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Facebook Privacy Issues

by Barbara J. Feldman March 14, 2011

Facebook boasts that they have over 250 million people sign into their Facebook accounts daily and over 500 million registered users. With so many people using facebook to connect with their friends and others, it is a great way to have a lot of connections but you also need to be very careful when it […]

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How to Use Facebook to Keep in Touch with Your Grown Kids

by Barbara J. Feldman May 26, 2010

Have you joined the social media world yet? If not, Facebook is a fun and easy way to keep in touch with your friends and grown children. Many people use Facebook as a way to meet new people as well and connecting with friends, new and old alike, helps combat depression and other issues associated […]

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What is the Facebook Wall?

by Barbara J. Feldman March 16, 2010

Almost everyone has heard of or used Facebook these days and the site continues to grow in popularity and usage. There are so many great things about Facebook that allow you to communicate and connect with friends and family. One of the most important features of Facebook is called the Facebook Wall. Here is some […]

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Simple Ways to Make the Most Out of Your Facebook Wall

by Barbara J. Feldman March 15, 2010

Have you recently joined Facebook? Are you a little confused as to how the site works and what your Facebook wall is? This article will provide you with a guide to the number one social networking site along with all the ins and outs of your Facebook wall. Sign into your Facebook account and you […]

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What Parents Should Know About Their Child’s Facebook “Wall”

by Barbara J. Feldman October 8, 2007

Facebook is a fun way to connect with friends from school, work, and your geographic area. However, as a parent there are some concerns you should have if your child uses Facebook. While much safer then any other social networking utility, there are still going to be some online safety concerns. One such concern deals […]

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