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How to Edit a Wikipedia Entry

by Barbara J. Feldman September 22, 2009

Wikipedia is a collaboratively-edited encyclopedia, but only a small percentage of visitors ever contribute by editing an article. To learn how, start with this overview from Gina Trapani or the official Wikipedia Tutorial And if you think that the tutorial itself needs improvement, feel free to jump in and add your own two cents.

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What is Follow Friday?

by Barbara J. Feldman August 12, 2009

Follow Friday, often abbreviated as #FF, is a weekly Twitter tradition of calling out your favorite tweeps (Twitter people) as a way of recommendation. According to Mashable , its history can be traced to Twitter user @micah who invented it on January 16, 2008.

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Twitter Search for Power Users

by Barbara J. Feldman June 30, 2009

For Twitter power users, the single-tasked Twitter Search ( ) may not be enough of a good thing. TweetGrid allows you to define a custom grid of Twitter search results, such as 1×2 or 3×3, each cell displaying different search results. TweetDeck is a multi-column Twitter client that also gives you the option of displaying […]

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What is a Gravatar?

by Barbara J. Feldman June 9, 2009

Gravatar is a service that provides a “globally recognized avatar” that follows you from site to site, identifying your comments and posts across the web. The free service currently works with WordPress, SezWho, and many other services. Chris Pirillo explains more in this video “Is Your Avatar a Gravatar?.”

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Ruckus over Facebook’s New Terms of Service

by Barbara J. Feldman February 24, 2009

Facebook’s recent change to their Terms of Service has created a firestorm across the web. The old terms of service said that Facebook could do anything they wanted with your content (subject to your privacy settings) but if you deleted your account all their rights would expire. Now, it seems their rights continue, even after […]

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How to Remove Your Comments from YouTube

by Barbara J. Feldman February 10, 2009

New this year on the popular video site is the ability to delete comments you once posted and now regret. To remove such a comment, login to your YouTube account, go to the “Text Comments” section below the appropriate video, and click the “Remove” button next to your comment.

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