Swapping Books Online

Avid readers have long swapped books with friends. Now, with online book-swapping sites acting as middlemen, we can trade books with complete strangers. Although the basic concept is the same, each of the following sites handles the mechanics of postage …[Continue]

Yahoo! Pipes

If you are comfortable with RSS feeds, then you are technical enough to use Yahoo! Pipes to create a new web service. Yahoo! Pipes is an exciting feed aggregator that gives non-programmers a way to create data mashups: merging web …[Continue]

Tag Cloud

A tag cloud is a weighted list of keywords, visually designed so the more popular tags are displayed in a bigger, heavier font. Tag clouds are frequently used on social networking sites where individual users tag their own entries, as …[Continue]


Ning.com is a free, online tool that creates custom social networking sites. Possibilities include photo sharing, video sharing, ratings, reviews, bookmarking, blogging, group networking and more. It’s easy to use, fast to setup, and free. Start by registering a username, …[Continue]

Web 2.0 Defined

Web 2.0 is buzzword applied to the transition of the Web from a collection of informational websites to a platform for shared data and web applications. Social networking (such as the wildly popular MySpace.com ) is often cited as a …[Continue]

Catster and Dogster

Online social networking isn’t just for humans anymore, nowadays it’s for pets too. Dogs, cats (and their owners?) can join the fun at Dogster and Catster where dogs and cats are joining by the hundreds every day. FYI, most popular …[Continue]