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Your Child and Sexting

by Barbara J. Feldman June 12, 2009

Experts say that the easiest way to keep your children from sexting is to tell them not to do it. Everyone agrees that teens need to hear from the people who care most about them-their parents. Even though it may seem obvious to you that they should not be doing this, what teens really want […]

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Is Your Child Sexting?

by Barbara J. Feldman June 11, 2009

While parents may never have heard of it, surveys show that twenty to sixty percent of teens are “sexting”. While this troubling trend continues full speed ahead, parents, teachers and lawmakers are now struggling to react appropriately to the phenomenon that puts kids at risk for exploitation, harassment, and even felony charges. Sexting is a […]

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Need To Know: Sexting and Your Child

by Barbara J. Feldman June 10, 2009

Sexting is the act of sending sexually suggestive messages or pictures from your cell phone. These pictures are then often shared between multiple cell phones and often end up being posted on the Internet. This phenomenon has grown in popularity despite the rise of prosecutions that are now occurring across the country. If you are […]

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Sexting: The New Cell Phone Trend

by Barbara J. Feldman June 8, 2009

While the word sexting is a new phenomenon for most adults, the reality is that this trend seems to be catching on among teens across the country. While society may seem to be inventing new words all the time to describe the new trends (and make them seem harmless) the real truth is that sexting […]

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The Purpose of Easter Eggs

by Barbara J. Feldman September 15, 2008

If someone were to ask you what the purpose of an Easter egg was, you’d probably reply that it is something you decorate and hide or fill with goodies during Easter, then hide so children can find them. However, in the software industry, an Easter egg takes on an entirely different meaning. When it comes […]

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How Have Easter Eggs Evolved?

by Barbara J. Feldman September 14, 2008

Easter eggs are not always about brightly dyed and then hidden eggs during the Easter season — in software programs, an Easter egg is a hidden program or application that the programmer or developer puts into a movie DVD, software program, music CD, or any other application that requires programming. Easter eggs, which derive their […]

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