Fall Crafts For Teens

If your teen enjoys making crafts, or simply likes to have different decor in his/her room for the different seasons and holidays, you should consider some fall crafts. Here’s a short description of some fall crafts that your teens might enjoy.

Fall Coasters:

These are great for entertaining friends without ruining your tables. You will need a coaster pattern, pressed leaves, jelly craft sheets, raffia, a hole punch, plastic needle, stapler, and scissors. Here’s what to do:

•Collect and then press fall leaves a traditional way or with a microwave flower press.

•Place two pieces of jelly sheets together. Lay the pattern under the jelly sheets and staple all around the outside edges. Punch holes in the pattern all around the coaster punching through both layers of jelly sheets. Separate the pieces and then lay the pressed leaves between the 2 jelly sheets lining up the holes.

•Thread a piece of raffia through a plastic needle. Stitch all around the coaster and you’re done.

“Stained Glass”? Leaves:

This is a fun one for teens who like stained glass or who enjoy having something hanging on their windows. You will need a golden leaf frame, suction cups, tissue paper (in fall leaf colors), scissors, glue stick and a pencil. This is what you do:

•Punch out the inner sections of some leaves. Then trace around the open sections of the leaves on tissue paper in fall colors.

•Cut out the leaf leaving a ¼”? border all around to glue it together.
Glue the sections in place.

•If you want the back to be neater, glue another frame to the back.

•Put the hook of a suction cup in the top slot to hang from the window so the light shines through.

Or, if you want a more challenging approach, simply go out and buy an actual stained glass kit and make real glass for your ornament.

Glowing Leaves:

This can also be done with fall flowers. For this you will need some pressed leaves or flowers, a votive cup, tissue paper, decoupage solution, and foam brushes. Here’s what you do:

•Press the flowers or leaves traditionally or with a microwave flower press. This part is up to you to decide how to do it.

•Tear off the straight edges from the tissue paper and then tear the paper into small pieces.

•Using the foam brushes, brush the outside of the votive cup with decoupage solution.

•Arrange the flowers or leaves all around the glass. Brush on more decoupage solution and lay the pieces of paper on the glass, overlapping all the edges. Keep adding paper and decoupage solution until the entire glass is covered.

Put a candle in your votive cup and watch it Glow!

Fall Flower Basket:

This is a fun and functional decoration for your female teen to put around her rooms. She will need a basket, fall flower pieces, colored wooden beads, scissors, tissue paper and a low temperature glue gun. This is what to do:

•Glue the wooden beads into the center of the flowers.

•Cut the tissue paper to a size that will line the inside of the basket (you may want to double or even triple layer it).

•Glue the flowers onto the exterior of the basket.

•Fill it full of whatever you like (candy, socks, pencils, etc.).

With so many options for fall crafts, you and your teen will have a great time creating and decorating for the fall season. So get out there and start moving! There are crafts to be made!

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