Attitude of Gratitude

What are you grateful for this season?

While my family was evacuated from our house during the recent southern California firestorms, I kept repeating two mantras: we will have Thanksgiving in our house, and the fire wants to be stopped. These thoughts protected my sanity, and in the end, my house (and our entire neighborhood) was saved.

Don’t forget the meaning of the season. Remember to focus on an attitude of gratitude and thanksgiving.

Add your gratitude below by posting a note telling us what you are grateful for this season.

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  • Doug Lemmon

    I’m grateful that I have work to do to keep a roof over my family’s head and put food on our table. I’m also grateful that I had a little extra to help out others who had a great need. I am also very grateful for chicken because I love roasted chicken! Although I’m looking forward to some turkey this Thanksgiving. :)

  • Victoria

    This time of year is wonderful for reflection. As I drove down the street into my neighborhood,I noticed some breathtakingly beautiful trees. Note to self, find out what species they are. The hues were golden and pink and green…it was really quite stunning. It made me realize I hadn’t taken a moment yet to admire the changing seasons. Now that I have, I feel blessed to live in a part of the country where the trees turn. I smiled the rest of the way home, just thankful for earth’s beauty.

  • Angela

    I took my Girl Scout Troop to a food kitchen in town last night. What an amazing experience not just for the parents to watch their kids serve others but the kids got to take care of others first hand, which gave them perpespective on not just themselves. I look around and see selfishness everywhere. In these hard times everyone is trying to protect their own; But what about those who cannot protect themselves? Children, ederly, disabled and shut-in, please remember them in this season of selfishness.

  • diamond

    Remember the times you would jump in a pile of leaves? Well, I do that for Thanksgiving, then I go home and enjoy a nice warm feast.