Choosing Your Thanksgiving Apron

Thanksgiving is a time where family and friends gather together to share food and each other’s company. If you are the hostess of your family’s Thanksgiving feast this year, you are probably looking for a way to look less like a kitchen maid and more like a cook with thanksgiving cheer. What better way for the hostess to show her excitement for the Thanksgiving holiday than by wearing a Thanksgiving apron.

There are many Thanksgiving aprons to choose from. You can buy one at a local shop, look online for one, or make a Thanksgiving apron yourself. You may not even know exactly what you are looking for when you decide that you want to try to find a Thanksgiving apron. To help you in choosing your Thanksgiving apron, here are some options that you may want to keep in mind.

The shape or cut of the apron

There are all kinds of different style options when it comes to your Thanksgiving apron. They may be called different names when you go to look for them, but the three basic shapes or cuts of aprons that you have to choose from are the full coverage apron (most popular), the half/shirt apron, or a custom shaped apron. The custom shaped apron is usually found on the Internet or in specialty stores and can include such things as lace embellishments, a V-neck cut, etc. Basically, have an idea of how much of yourself you will want covered by an apron.

The type and pattern of fabric

Some people know exactly what they like when it comes to fabric types. Cotton is definitely comfortable but does not do as much as other treated fabrics do to repel stains or to be more fire resistant. The pattern of the fabric can be the one element that you have the most fun looking for in an apron. There are some really cute fabric options that range everywhere from a fun cartoon turkey pattern to a classy and elegant fall leaf pattern. Choosing the fabric pattern is really one of the best parts of the whole thanksgiving apron selection process.

To coordinate or not to coordinate

Some Thanksgiving hostesses are concerned about making sure that the look of their house is just perfect and this includes coordinating the look of the tablescape, the decorations and even your apron. There are some vendors who offer completely coordinating accessories such as a table runner and placemats that match your apron. Make sure to keep this in mind as you make your final apron choices.

Personalized through a vendor

You can easily pay a few dollars more to have your name or a personalized message printed or embroidered on your apron. Most places that sell aprons are going to offer this service. Even big name brands such as Wal-Mart sell personalized aprons. Some ideas of things that you may want printed on your apron include the date that you will be hosting Thanksgiving dinner, your name or a family saying. A personalized apron is also a fun gift to give to the hostess.

Make it yourself

If you are crafty, looking to save some money, or just cannot find exactly what you are looking for in any stores, you can make an apron yourself. Apron patterns are very easy to follow and one of the simplest of sewing projects to make. After choosing your fabric and pattern simply sew over the edges and add pockets and other embellishments as you wish. There are iron-on patches/decorative pieces that make decorating your apron easy and some of the fancier sewing machines can even do your embroidery for you.

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