Thanksgiving Apron Design

When you think of an apron you probably get one pretty specific image in your head. By far, the most popular apron is a white apron that has a place for your head to go through and a place to tie it together in the back as well as material to cover most of the front side of you. Sometimes these aprons even come with a pocket or two. Can you envision this type of apron design? Although this basic apron style is popular, there are so many more possible options to consider when choosing an apron design that is right for you.


When it comes to apron designs, one of the first things that comes to mind is the cut of the apron. Full coverage aprons are generally the most popular but there are half or skirt aprons as well as wrap around aprons, smocks, and aprons that look more like articles of clothing rather than just something that you would use in the kitchen. Many Thanksgiving hostesses take a lot of time choosing their Thanksgiving aprons simply because they will be wearing it for so long as well as the fact that she may be trying to impress some of her houseguests (i.e. the in-laws).

Child or adult

Keep in mind that Thanksgiving apron designs are not limited to adult sizes. Kids’ aprons are very popular especially if you have a budding young cook who is anxious to help out in the kitchen this year. A Thanksgiving apron is a great way to make a child feel like they are really contributing to the preparation of the meal. Make sure that when it comes time to buy or order your apron that you double check the sizes or dimensions so that you do not accidentally end up with an apron that is not the right size for you.

Patterned fabric

Perhaps the first thing that any one else will notice about your apron is going to be the pattern that it has. Thanksgiving aprons are popular not only because they will be worn on the busiest cooking day of the year, but also because they can be a whole lot of fun. There is something about wearing a fun or pretty patterned fabric that can really set the mood for your day. Patterned fabrics can even coordinate with your home’s Thanksgiving decorations or the outfit that you will be wearing that day. Choosing the design that will be on your thanksgiving apron may be the most difficult decision that you have to make.


One size fits all aprons are available at most craft stores and mega marts for less than $5. These blank slates provide you with a great opportunity to personalize your apron with a unique message, design or graphic. You can use your computer to print out your design on special paper transparencies that can then just be ironed on to your apron. You can use paints to individualize your apron. One fun idea of what you can do with paints is to involve your children and make turkeys out of their hand prints. Simply cover the front of each child’s hand with paint and press that hand on the apron. The fingers of the hand form the feathers of the bird and all that you need to do is paint on the body of the bird and facial features. This idea is a fun way to involve even younger children in the holiday celebrations as well as to create a memento that can be used to remember this Thanksgiving many years from now. If you are less confident in your artistic abilities, you can embellish your plain apron by purchasing iron-on designs or patches that are pre-made.

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