A Look at Thanksgiving Day Decorating

When it comes to Thanksgiving decorations there are a lot of different kinds these days. Decorating can be a very important part of celebrating the holiday season; it creates a mood and atmosphere in your home of a festive and inviting nature.

Thanksgiving decorations probably originated with people decorating their homes with items that pertained to and were readily available during that time of year. The same is still true today. We decorate using things that are specific to the fall season and our Thanksgiving decorations help us celebrate the season in which we hold our holiday. We use a lot of vegetables that are harvested during the fall harvest like corn, pumpkins, squash and other gourds in our Thanksgiving meals as well as in our decorating. Commonly, dried leaves, nuts, berries and acorns are seen in the midst of our decorating. And the color schemes that we use while decorating our homes for Thanksgiving are the colors that we see reflected in the changing of the leaves during the fall in many parts of the country.

Many of our Thanksgiving decorations reflect the history of the first Thanksgiving celebration. Pilgrim hats and feather headdresses are the most commonly used decorative symbols today that represent the Pilgrims that faced many hardships that first year in the new world and the Native Americans that came to their aid and helped them make it through to that first successful harvest. It is for this very reason that they came together to celebrate the bounty of the harvest and their new found friends. Children have heard the story of the Pilgrims and the Indians and the first Thanksgiving and enjoyed dressing up like them for many, many years.

When deciding what decorations to use or purchase there are a lot of different choices available. Trying your hand at making your own homemade decorations can be fun and give your Thanksgiving decorations a creative and artistic feel. If you have the time, look up some homemade decoration ideas in magazines or on the Internet. There are many different ideas to choose from that cater to all levels of ability so no matter how crafty you are you should have no trouble finding several different Thanksgiving decoration projects that you can easily make yourself. You will enjoy displaying your own creations in your home or at your office, or giving them away as gifts to your friends and family.

You can find Thanksgiving decorations to purchase in a lot of different types of stores. The type of decorations you are looking for would make a difference in whether or not you would want to visit a craft store, retail or discount store, grocery or farmers market or crafters’ mall. If you want to purchase decorations for the holiday season that have a homemade, crafty look to them but you don’t have the time to make them yourself, try your local craft store. They usually will sell some ready-made holiday and seasonal decorations along with the supplies to make them yourself. If there is a crafters’ mall in your area this is a great place to find great homemade decorations of a wide variety. If you wanted to decorate with vegetables of the season, which is very popular, finding them at a farmer market or grocery store is usually more reasonably priced than anywhere else. You can find linens with a Thanksgiving theme like table cloths, napkins, hand towels, rugs, table runners, and throws to decorate your home for the holidays. These things can be found along with trays and dishes and other decorative items at almost any department, retail, or discount store.

Decorating for Thanksgiving can be a fun project. Decorations can really set the mood for your holiday get together and create a warm inviting environment for you and all of your guests. Have fun when decorating your home for the Thanksgiving holiday this season. Decorating can be a fun addition to your activities and get you in the mood for a festive and enjoyable celebration.