Paper Plate Cornucopia

Fall-Cornucopia 550

When looking for Thanksgiving decorations this year you may want to have a few homemade decorations but maybe you don’t have a lot of time to spend on crafts in the midst of your preparations for your Thanksgiving feast. Here are some great ideas for simple, fast and fun Thanksgiving decorations.

This is a fantastic project that is fast and easy to make. You will love the authenticity it offers to your Thanksgiving decorations.

You will need these items for your project:

•9 inch paper plate

•Masking tape


•Craft glue

•Manila rope

•Clothes pin or binder clips


•Coffee filter

Roll the paper plate into a cone and use the masking tape to hold it in place. Bend the small end of the cone slightly upwards to curve it and wrap it with more masking tape to smooth the surface of the cone out. Leave the hole at the tip of the cone untaped. Place the manila rope to the edge of the cone along the large opening using the craft glue. Use the clothes pins or binder clips to hold the rope in place until it dries completely. In order to cover the rest of the cone fill the hole at the tip of the cone with craft glue and stick one end of a thirty foot length of twine into the glue-filled hole. Using the glue make a line along the length of the cone and begin wrapping the twine around the cone tightly. Tuck the end of the twine underneath itself when you reach the manila rope at the top, and use individual pieces of twine to glue onto any uncovered spaces as needed. Let the cone dry completely before slipping the coffee filter inside and filling it with your choice of items. Suggested: popcorn, berries or nuts

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