Thanksgiving Cookie Cutter Crafts

There’s nothing crafters like more than a holiday to craft for! This is never truer than at Thanksgiving when you can stretch your creative muscles coming up with great crafts that directly reflect the holiday such as turkeys, pilgrim hats or pumpkin pie. Or you can choose to reflect the holiday in seasonal crafts such as a cornucopia, wreaths or decorated picture frames.
You can decorate your home, or decorate your Thanksgiving table. You can have crafts on hand to entertain bored kids at Thanksgiving, or gather your family and friends to craft for charity. Here is a fun way to use your holiday cookie cutters to make card, gift tags or even place cards for your Thanksgiving table. Cookie cutters work well as stencils for cards and gift tags.

There are crafts for those with all levels of artistic ability from novice to those who are more advanced. There are lots of crafts to choose from but in case you feel overwhelmed by all the choices, here is a sampling of some of the best Thanksgiving craft ideas.

You will need:

Construction paper
Cookie cutters (whatever shapes you want but turkeys, pumpkin and pilgrim hats work well for this.)
Pinking shears
Glue stick
Hole punch if making gift tags

Step One

Fold a piece of construction paper in half.

Step Two

Line up the top of the cookie cutter on the fold. This will be where the card will open. Use a pencil to trace around the cookie cutter.

Step Three

Carefully cut the design out. If you want the card smaller than the cookie cutter trace around the cookie cutter and then reduce the size on a copier. This then gives you a template for the size you want.

Step Four

After this is done you can then add additional decoration to the card. For example if you are using a turkey shaped cookie cutter you can use a marker to add eyes or detail a beak.

Step Five

If you are making a gift tag or place card size the cutout accordingly.

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