Fall Centerpiece Ideas


Here are several more ideas for Thanksgiving centerpieces. Most of them can be done quickly and without much of a mess. You simply need to go to the store to pick up a few items to help you on your way. Then, using your creative genius, start making a centerpiece that will wow all your friends and make your home look great.

•Fall wreath centerpiece: put this together quickly by filling a regular, boring wreath with seasonal items. You’ll need a platter, wreath, pumpkin, mini-pumpkins, mini-corn, and preserved or silk fall leaves. Arrange the wreath with the accessories on the platter.

•Beaded fruit centerpiece: this one is easy and looks great. You’ll need some beaded fruit (which you can buy at your local craft store), a vase, bowl or candleholder to put the fruit in, and preserved silk, or real leaves. Place the beaded fruit on the vase, bowl or candleholder. If you’ve bought several of them, arrange them together on the center of your table.

•Thanksgiving Evergreen centerpiece: put this together a few days before Thanksgiving and then after Thanksgiving, simply remove the fall flowers and add holiday decorations for Christmas.

•Corn and pumpkin centerpiece: this one looks very “harvest-y”? and is truly simple. All you need is a basket, some small pumpkins (mini and small), dried corn, small pine cones, and fall leaves. Arrange them in the basket.