Gourd Crafts For Fall

Fall is a time for rich and beautiful colors. It is a time where you welcome the change of seasons and prepare yourself for the Christmas season. And if you’re like most people, you want to make some subtle changes to your home to kick off the holidays. That’s why making crafts can be so great- you can create beautiful items of home decor or simply have fun with your kids in an inexpensive way. This article will give you some great Thanksgiving craft ideas.

These craft ideas can be done quickly and without much of a mess. You simply need to go to the store to pick up a few items to help you on your way. Then, using your creative genius, start making a craft that will wow all your friends and make your home look great. Almost all of these examples share the same few materials: silk leaves, construction paper, a container (bowl, cup or platter), and pumpkins or some kind of fruit. If you’ve got any or all of these materials lying around the house, you’ll be able to make some great Thanksgiving decorations.

You can make cool looking candles out of squash. These look festive in your home or also work well as a gift. You’ll need an acorn squash, knife, string, paraffin, needle and putty. The process of making this is a bit more complicated; you can do an online search for “squash candles.”? Otherwise, here are instructions:

1.First, cut the top off an acorn squash. Remove the insides like you would a pumpkin.  This now-hollow squash will be your candle mold.

2.Thread a wick through the bottom of the squash using a long upholstery needle or other large needle.  Seal off the bottom with some putty. Place the squash in a large glass to keep it from tipping over.

3.Melt your paraffin, and then pour it out, remembering to keep some in reserve in case it shrinks in as the candle cools.

4.When your candle is fully hardened, cut away or peel away the squash shell and you are left with a wonderfully shaped unique candle.  Or you can choose to leave the candle in the squash. Flatten the base of your candle by rubbing it in on an old frying pan on low heat (or by cutting the bottom of the squash flat if you choose to leave it in).

Pumpkins make great decorations around the house. Using gourds, pumpkins and other harvested items as containers for fresh flowers arrangements has appeal for the table in the form of a centerpiece, or in the form of place holders or party favors for your guests at a dinner party.

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The Berenstain Bears Thanksgiving Blessings (Berenstain Bears Living Lights)
The Berenstain Bears Thanksgiving Blessings (Berenstain Bears/Living Lights)
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