An Hour Or Less: Autumn Candle Holders

So you love to do crafts! And now it’s Thanksgiving and you would love to do crafts, but with all the planning, cooking and decorating that has to be done you may be asking-Who has the time? There is a solution to the many demands of Thanksgiving. While some crafts are time-consuming, others can be done in an hour or even less. This will leave you time to have some fun with family and friends and still get dinner on the table without feeling totally overloaded. These crafts can even be squeezed in during the time you are waiting for the turkey to finish or that hour before pie. So here are some great ideas for Thanksgiving crafts you can do in an hour or less.

These will make some spectacular looking candle holders with a minumum of time and effort. This is really a whole new way to “float”? votive candles.

You will need:

Serving bowl or dish, at least 2 inches deep
2 cups (or more, to fill dish) uncooked popcorn kernels, shelled peanuts, dried beans, or small hard candies
3 or more votive candles, or dripless low tapers
Clear glass candleholders to fit candles (optional)

Step One

Fill the dish or serving bowl with dried material. If you’re using food items you may want to have an extra bowl of the goodies nearby for snacking, so little hands won’t be tempted to disturb the lighted display.

Step Two

Press candles (or candleholders if you are using them) into the dish until stable. Remove excess dried material as needed so that candle wicks are well above the level of the items in the bowl.

Step Three

Go ahead and light the candles. A note of caution never leave burning candles unattended.

*A few things to consider with this craft-
The more shallow your dish is the more likely it is that you will need to use holders to keep your candles upright.

Look for multicolored Indian-corn popcorn kernels at gourmet groceries or natural-foods stores. This adds a special Thanksgiving touch to this project.

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Little Critter: Just a Special Thanksgiving
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