An Hour Or Less: Floral Pumpkin Arrangement


For a spectacular centerpiece that your guests will think you took hours on, consider making a Floral filled pumpkin centerpiece.

You will need:

Medium or large pumpkin
Sharp knife
Fresh-cut or artificial hydrangea
Floral oasis

Step One

Cut a circle around the pumpkin stem similar to cutting a top off a jack o lantern. Scoop out the pumpkin using a spoon making sure the inside is clean.

Step Two

Cut the hydrangea stems on an angle for water absorption. You can use other long lasting flowers if hydrangea is not available. Use the scissors to trim the stems of the flowers to an appropriate length to place inside the pumpkin. If using fresh cut flowers use oasis or a plastic liner to keep flowers well hydrated. Simply wet the oasis and place inside the pumpkin.

Step Three

Arrange the flowers to form a full bouquet.

*Other ideas to consider with this craft:

Use miniature pumpkins and one sprig of hydrangea (or other fall flower) to make trims for individual place settings.

Fill the pumpkin with cattails, a mound of large pinecones, or interesting twigs and branches to reflect your own personal Thanksgiving setting.

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