Three Festive Thanksgiving Centerpieces


When you think of Thanksgiving you may be focused entirely on the meal. With all the planning, shopping and cooking it can take a lot of time and money. But if you want to add flair to your Thanksgiving table, a centerpiece is the place to start. But if money, time and creativity are in short supply consider recruiting your kids to help make decorations for the table with what they can find at home. With a little resourcefulness and creativity you may just have the best decorated table in the neighborhood! And best of all it may cost you next to nothing.

Grocery Bag Turkey-

This simple centerpiece is so cute it may just be the star of the show on your Thanksgiving table. Kids love making this guy and best of all you should be able to find everything you need right at home!

What you need-

Fall leaves (a fun nature walk can precede making this craft)
A grocery bag for every turkey that is being made
Assorted colors of construction paper
Craft glue

Instructions for preparation-

Clean and sort your fall leaves. Cut out two circles from each grocery bag about 5 or 6 inches across about midway on the bag. For the head glue eyes, beak and waddle cut from construction paper. Glue the leaves to the outer edges of one of the circles with most of the leaf sticking out over the edge to look like feathers on the turkey. Add two legs from construction paper.

Apple Turkey-A gaggle of these can make a cute Thanksgiving centerpiece and allows each child to design their own unique character.

What you will need-

A large apple for each child.
Home made play dough tinted brown with food coloring (there are several recipes on line basically just flour, salt and water mixed.
Cocktail toothpicks with the frilly tops
Craft paints or small pens

Instructions for preparation-

Wash and dry your apples. Make sure the apples can stand up on the table and trim the bottom if they cannot. Use the play dough to make a turkey head on each apple. The kids can decorate the faces using craft paint or small craft pens. Poke in several of the toothpicks until just the frilly ends show for feathers. Group together on the table.

Thankful candle holders-This is a fun way to make some candle wreaths for the table. And when the dinner is over or the candle is burnt down you can see what the maker was truly thankful for.

What you will need-

A sturdy paper plate for each candle holder
Tissue paper in autumnal colors
Small pieces of aluminum foil

Instructions for preparation-

Cut out a circle of aluminum foil to fit the center of a paper plate, and have the child glue to center. Then have the kids crumple up and glue colored tissue paper (fall colors) to the outside of the plate around the aluminum foil. Discuss thankfulness, and ask the child what they are thankful for. Then write that in the center of the plate for example “I am thankful for my parents.” Lay the candle holder on the table and put a pillar candle over the thankful statement. After the candles are done have everyone guess as to who the author of the statement was.

Do not be afraid to search your home for items that can really express your creativity and thankfulness. While it can seem overwhelming to get everything done for Thanksgiving, taking the time to share activities with the children in your life may just make the holiday the most special one you have ever had.

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