Fun Fall Craft Decor

Fall is a time for rich and beautiful colors. It is a time where you welcome the change of seasons and prepare yourself for the Christmas season. And if you’re like most people, you want to make some subtle changes to your home decor to help your family really feel the spirit of autumn. That’s why making crafts can be so great- you can create beautiful items of home decor or simply have fun with your family in an enjoyable and inexpensive way. This article will give you some fun fall craft ideas.

Most of these craft ideas can be done quickly and without much of a mess. All you need to do is run over to your local craft store and pick up a few items to help you on your way. Almost all of these examples share the same few materials: silk leaves, construction paper, a container (bowl, cup or platter), and pumpkins or some kind of fruit. If you’ve got any or all of these materials, you’ll be able to make some really fun fall crafts.

Fun Fall Craft Ideas

Fall tablecloth: This can be really simple or a little more involved, depending on your approach. You can either buy pre-printed fall print (usually decorated with leaves, pumpkins, or other harvest-y type images) and then sew a tablecloth yourself, or you can buy plain white table cloth and decorate it using fabric paint with your family to make it festive (think corn cobs, pumpkins, turkeys, etc.)

Fall pear centerpiece: This one is very easy and doesn’t take much to make it look good. You’ll need about fifteen artificial or fresh (though artificial will last longer) small pears, five large pears, some oak leaves, acorns, and mini crab apples, and a bowl. Arrange the pears, leaves, acorns and apples in a bowl and put it on your table or on a shelf where it can be admired.

Garland of gratitude: This is a great one for children to do around Thanksgiving time. Make a garland out of construction paper leaves and string. Simply draw leaves on pieces of paper and have your children (or just help them) cut the leaves out. Have your kids write something he or she is grateful for on a leaf. Add another leaf to it each day as Thanksgiving approaches.

Fall Candles: You can make cool looking candles out of squash. These look festive in your home or also work well as a gift. You’ll need an acorn squash and candle making kit. The easiest option is to go buy a candle making kit, and then make the candle in the squash rather than in the holder given to you in the kit. Or, if you’re a bit more ambitious, you can look up how to make a candle and just do it yourself.

Pumpkins and gourds: This is really easy and fun. First, go to a pumpkin patch that sells both pumpkins and gourds and choose some fun, interesting shaped pumpkins and gourds. Your kids will love going out to the pumpkin patch and you’ll be able to find a wide variety of them. Then, simply place them around the house. Using gourds, pumpkins and other harvested items as containers for fresh flower arrangements has appeal for the table in the form of a centerpiece, or in the form of place holders or party favors for your guests at a dinner party.

Corn and pumpkin centerpiece: This one looks very “harvest-y”? and is truly simple. All you need is a basket, some small pumpkins (mini and small), dried corn, small pine cones, and fall leaves. Arrange them in the basket and place them around your home.

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