Fall Crafts For Adults

Crafts are a fun and entertaining way for adults to relax and have fun while creating a lovely or exciting item. There are many types of crafts. Some people like to do crafts for special occasions while other people simply do crafts to relieve stress or create lovely gifts for friends or family members. Crafts can be especially fun to do for special seasons, such as the fall. You can decorate your home with them or just make them for fun. So if you like to do crafts of any sort, you’ll probably enjoy making crafts for the fall. Here are some good fall crafts for adults.

Table Runners

You can create a lovely table runner to make your home festive for the fall. Simply find a plain colored table runner or camel-colored wool, flannel, or felt. Cut it to size using a pair of shears. Then take two coordinating ribbons along the center of the runner and secure them with double stick tape or fabric glue. Then set a compote or cake stand in the center and scatter leaves, mini pumpkins, gourds, pears, acorns, or other fall fruits along the runner.

Halloween Luminaries

It’s easy to make tin can luminaries to light your walkway or front steps on Halloween. And this is a craft that the kids might enjoy helping with. Add a coat hanger and you can hang them up on your porch. And it’s also a great way to recycle those old tin cans. There are two basic methods you can use for punching out the designs. You can either work directly on the tin can, using the ridges on the can as a measure to keep things evenly spaced. Or you might want to draw your design on a piece of paper as a pattern by wrapping it around the tin can and punching through the dots on the paper. Then, once you’ve punched out the holes, simply place a candle inside the can and voila! You’ve got a festive Halloween craft to make your house even more inviting.

Pine Cone Wreath

Improve the look of your front door and your home by creating a lovely pine cone wreath. This is attractive decoration is good for both the fall and winter, or for seasons like Thanksgiving or Christmas. You just need a grapevine wreath, pine cones, a hot glue gun, and a wired edge ribbon. Using the hot glue gun, attach the pine cones to the wreath. After you’ve finished gluing the pine cones, wrap the ribbon around the wreath. The ribbon will add a little flare to an already attractive and fun fall craft!

Leaf Place Mats

This one is fun for everyone to participate in making. You and your children can go out and find lovely fall leaves to dry at home. Then, once you’ve pressed and dried them, you can make your place mat. You’ll also need 2 pages of clear contact paper (per place mat), that are about the size of a place mat. Arrange the leaves on one side of the contact paper. Then place the other contact on top of the leaf covered paper. Trim around the edges or use decorative scissors to give it a unique look.

Fall Centerpieces

Fall centerpieces can be easy and fun to make, but can also be very diverse. All you need to do is get a collection of pumpkins, gourds, acorns, fall fruit, leaves, pine cones, or any other type of fall decor. Then go find some fall-esque fabric and a small or large basket. Line the basket with the fabric. Then neatly arrange your pumpkins, gourds and such in the basket. Top it all off with a sprinkling of leaves or acorns and set it on your dining room table.

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