ThanksgivingFun.net: These poems and prayers honor the day of Thanksgiving. Print them out and read them aloud or put them in a greeting card. Lots to choose from.

The First Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Dinner

by Margaret Junkin Preston “And now,” said the Governor,gazing abroad on the piled-up storeOf the sheaves that dotted the clearingsand covered the meadows o’er,“Tis meet that we render praisesbecause of this yield of grain;Tis meet that the Lord of the …[Continue]

The Harvest Moon

Harvest Moon

by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow It is the Harvest Moon! On gilded vanes And roofs of villages, on woodland crests And their aerial neighborhoods of nests Deserted, on the curtained window-panesOf rooms where children sleep, on country lanes And harvest-fields, its …[Continue]

Little Prayer in November


by Lee Rudolph That I am alive, I thank no one in particular;and yet am thankful, mostly,although I frame no prayer but this one: “Creator Spirit, as you have come,come again”, even in November,on these short days, fogbound….[Continue]

Te Deum

Te Deum

by Charles Reznikoff Not because of victoriesI sing,having none,but for the common sunshine,the breeze,the largess of the spring. Not for victorybut for the day’s work doneas well as I was able;not for a seat upon the daisbut at the common …[Continue]

The Thanksgivings


by Harriet Maxwell Converse Translated from a traditional Iroquois prayer We who are here present thank the Great Spirit that we are here to praise Him.We thank Him that He has created men and women, and ordered that these beings …[Continue]

The New-England Boy’s Song About Thanksgiving Day


by Lydia Maria Child Over the river, and through the wood,To grandfather’s house we go.The horse knows the way,To carry the sleigh,Through the white and drifted snow. Over the river, and through the wood,To grandfather’s house away!We would not stopFor …[Continue]



~~ Author Unknown The year has turned its circle, The seasons come and go.’ The harvest all is gathered in And chilly north winds blow. Orchards have shared their treasures, The fields, their yellow grain, So open wide the doorway~ …[Continue]

Thoughts of Thanksgiving

Give Thanks

by Charles Frederick White (November, 1895 ) Thanksgiving day is coming soon,That long remembered dayWhen nature gives her blessed boonTo all America. On that glad day, in all our land,The people, in their wake,Give thanks to God, whose mighty handDeals …[Continue]