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Healthy Holiday Eating Tips for Thanksgiving

Preparing Apple Cranberry Dressing

When you learn that the average Thanksgiving dinner has over 2000 calories you may be tempted to skip it altogether. But before you resort to such drastic measures know that there are steps you can take and eating tips so …[Continue]

Appealing Thanksgiving Recipes For Children

Appealing Thanksgiving Recipes For Children

When considering the menu for Thanksgiving dinner many cooks find that a number of dishes that will be on the table simply do not appeal to kids. While most kids will happily eat roast turkey and mashed potatoes (without garlic, …[Continue]

Thanksgiving Meal Made By Kids For Kids

Kid Cooking

Thanksgiving is the ultimate family holiday. We all picture our Thanksgiving table surrounded by family and friends. But what about before the actual meal? You may want to add some kid friendly items to your menu that the kids themselves …[Continue]

Kid-Friendly Thanksgiving Desserts

Kid Thanksgiving Pie

Dessert-No one wants to miss dessert so try these simple desserts for your youngest guests. Gelatin molds-(this is also an easy way to get kids to eat some fruit!) 2-1/2 cups boiling water 1 pkg. (8-serving size) or 2 pkg. …[Continue]

Kid-Friendly Thanksgiving Entrees

Kid Friendly Pasta

Entree-While many kids will happily eat sliced roasted turkey, if you aren’t sure, these kid-friendly entrees can stand in. Keep in mind that kids prefer simple tastes to complicated recipes and may not care if the recipe seems traditional Thanksgiving. …[Continue]

Kid-Friendly Appetizers For Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving is the ultimate family holiday. Everyone looks forward to gathering family and friends around their Thanksgiving table and enjoying the meal that signifies the bounty of the season. While most adults eagerly look forward to the Thanksgiving meal there …[Continue]

Kid-Friendly Thanksgiving Menu

Kid Thanksgiving

The table looks perfect festooned with all sorts of beautiful Thanksgiving table decorations, china and silver. A lovely cornucopia sits proudly as the centerpiece of the table surrounded by just the right amount of candles. The buffet table is almost …[Continue]

Festive Thanksgiving Dishes For Young Helpers

Festive Thanksgiving Dishes For Young Helpers

As you plan your Thanksgiving meal and begin the actual preparation of menu planning, shopping and cooking you may want to involve your children or any of your younger guests in actually helping cook the meal. Before you envision a …[Continue]