Creative Valentine’s Day Crafts For Children

Valentine’s Day is a wonderful day to make kids crafts. The theme of the holiday, love and cupids, as well as the fact that there are so many candies to use makes it an easy holiday to do crafts for. The following are a few fun ideas for Valentine’s Crafts:

Candy Rockets

One of the best ways to make Valentine’s Day kids crafts fun for everyone is to make crafts that incorporate the cards and candies they give out such as the Candy Rocket.


• Lifesavers
• Candy Kisses
• Construction paper
• Markers
• Tape

Start by taking your Candy Kiss, and taping it to the top of your roll of Lifesavers. Then take the construction paper and cut it down so that it is just the right length and width to cover the Lifesaver roll. Use the tape to secure it around the roll, so that the label is covered. Now, take another piece of construction paper, preferably red or orange, and cut out “flames”. Secure this to the bottom of the “rocket”, on the opposite end of the Candy Kiss. Then, use your marker to put a note on the rocket for your intended Valentine. It might say something like, “You’re a Blast!”

“I Dig You”

Once again, you are going to be using your treat and message as a craft.


• Small bag of candy
• Twist tie
• Ribbon
• Toy sand shovel
• Paint pen

Start this craft by taking the little bag of candy, preferably in red, white and red for Valentine’s Day, and closing it off with the twist tie.

Using a piece of ribbon, attach your little bag of candy to the base of the shovel, right before the handle. If you can’t find sand shovels, try or

Next, use your paint pen to inscribe your message on the bottom of the shovel, making sure that your candy bag does not cover it. If it does, then write the message on the back of the shovel, so that it can be seen. A few fun message ideas include: “I dig you!” or “You’ve got the scoop on me!”

Valentine’s Day Bookmarks

This is a useful Valentine craft for the reader in your family.

You will need:

• Paper clip
• Construction paper
• Decorating items
• Glue

Start by cutting out two identical hearts from construction paper then decorate them with a written message, glitter and stickers.

Then, use glue to attach the two hearts together, with the paper clip between them, but sticking out so that it can act as the page holder.

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